iPhone service with many years of experience, guarantee, at a reasonable price.


We give you 100% warranty for all repairs made by us!

1 YEAR warranty for all screen replacement!

We give you warranty for all repairs, part replacement by presenting our repair sheet given upon done repairs. This means that in case you experience any malfunction after repair done by us and this malfunction is related to previous repair we fix it immediately. You don’t have to worry about we refuse fixing any warranty covered issues! In case you experience any issues, we would like to kindly ask you to return the mobile device immediately because no matter how small issues your device is having it can lead to bigger and more complex malfunction. Your satisfaction is our priority and helping our work!

Screen replacement warranty: the time of period is always 1 year! We give you warranty on the color-, perfect function- and on building in the LCD screen and also on attaching the rear frame of the screen. You lose your warranty on the screen replacement in case of physical damage. The built-in part cannot be cracked, broken and cannot missing any part of the LCD or the frame. Unfortunately one little crack also makes the warranty lost because it is caused always by physical impact and is not the malfunction of the built-in part. If the lower LCD is striped has spots or dark that counts as being broken. You lose your warranty in case of water damage as physical impact for all kind of repairs.

Warranty for battery replacement: time of period is always 6 months! The newly replaced battery must be charged for 3×12 hours! This means that the first 3 charge have to last for all night long which counts as the calibration. The new battery neither has been charged nor got discharged before. On a long-term aspect there are charging periods which means that it will harm the battery if we charge it for short (10 minutes) periods. The best if we keep put it on charger for the night and leave home with 100% charge. A good battery can last for a day! As the battery’s efficiency is getting worse the phone will need be charge already in the afternoon or early in the evening. This is the time when the battery is need to be replaced. The battery replacement what we offer unfortunately doesn’t solve all fast discharging issues. If your iPhone got discharged after 2 hours and it may even heats up a battery replacement won’t help. We kindly ask our clients if their phones discharges really quickly please leave their device with us for at least 4-5 hours because it takes longer time to diagnose issues related to battery problems. If you have any concerns, even if it comes up at the end of the 5th month of the warranty period, please return to us because we during the warranty period we replace the battery for free!

Warranty of badly damaged, broken devices which cannot be tested: If the device is damaged so bad that it cannot be tested unfortunately we can only give you warranty for the parts we build in and we can only give you a quotation (price offer) after we diagnosed it. We cannot give you warranty on motherboard issues in case of devices with bended back cover. Since their motherboard also got bended and this motherboard needs to be attached to a new back cover (which is not bended) the device can go wrong during the repair procedure. Please be advised of this at all time!

Warranty for water damaged devices: In case of water damage we can only give warranty for the parts we build in!