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Iphone 4G issues

The device hasn’t been dropped yet the screen is blank, doesn’t show anything, it buzzes for the mute button:

More and more common with Phone 4 and 4s models. This is caused by one of the applications so it can be fixed easily and fast. The home button and the power button must be held at the same time for about 12 seconds. This counts as a reset so it will restart the device and close all the applications. The device shows an Apple logo then it restarts. This is the quickest and the cheapest repair you can get. We hope we’re helping to lot of you with this information.

Malfunction of home button or side buttons:

These buttons are connected with ribbon cables and by them own structures they give up and go wrong with time. The user will experience that the button reacts different or doesn’t react at all. We met buttons of this kind first in 2007. This was used first back then by the leading brand Nokia in its model 5310. With time the attachment of the button dislocates or chafes and the structure of the button falls apart. These issues came up so far with every single device when they became around 1,5-2 years. This can be fixed in almost every case except if this problem originates from the motherboard because of a water damage (which is really rare btw). It’s interesting though that no other brand (i.e. Samsung) uses this kind of technique on buttons and thanks to that they don’t even have this issue. Apple knows about this issue and helps to the malfunctioning device to be able to operate: A good example for this is the virtual home button and the function that if a device turned off is put on charger will turn on automatically this way the power button is not needed.

Home button malfunction:

This is the most common issue iPhone 4 owners are bringing their device here to repair. The reason for this is that the pollution visible on the outside of the button gets inside on the inner button layer and because of this it cannot close the circuit and it works less and less or stop working completely. In the next generation of models Apple has inserted a silicon material to avoid this issue. It can be repaired almost in every case.

Speaker sounds low when ringing:

This caused by the polluted protector bar located over the speaker which can later lead to the damage of the speaker membrane. If we brush it with a dry toothbrush we won’t have any problem with it.

No sound but it’s ringing when receiving calls:

Unfortunately, most probably the device got water damaged. If it got water by the charger slot the device detects as if we put it on a dock and it directs the sound to the lower connector, if it got water by the headset then it detects as if we plugged in a headset and it gives no sound on speaker. This slots also got a water damage indicator which shows if this is what happened. In case these indicators aren’t colored there is a possible chance for another problem. This would be the malfunction of the audio IC which might have got teared off from the motherboard during a bigger physical impact (i.e. drop). Since this is an issue with the motherboard it’s difficult to repair or cannot be repaired at all.

There is a yellowish spot on the screen of the iPhone:

Unfortunately, it is a physical damage. We can experience this if the device got affected by radiative heat. The gluing layer between the LCD and the glass part got melted and a yellow spot appears on the screen. This can be fixed only by replacing the complete screen. This issue can come up within the warranty time, if it does Apple of course changes the device to a new one it less than 1 year old.